Vintage Vespa Fun

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I’m sitting in my kitchen and it’s been a long winter in Raincouver.  I just had a huge yelling match with my teen daughter as she left for school and just for the record – I hate being a mom to teens.  I’m feeling like the day looks – grey and old.

I turned to photos on my computer and what catches my eyes are images from a trip which seems light years away.

Nothing makes me laugh more than our trip in Ho Chi Minh by Vespa.  I look back and I instantly remember the sounds, the smells and the huge smile on my kids’ faces.

Luckily, we could tailor made this tour due to our arrival into the city.  We mashed together a ride of sites and food.  Our ride featured in Downtown magazine –  Vietnam on Vespas

For a quick moment I was transported back to what seems like the coolest ride ever….I miss my daughter and I miss Vietnam.  I’m not so mad anymore.




Mimi Too for BC Children’s Hospital

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I began carving just before I became pregnant with my daughter Claire. We were living in New York City just before 9/11.

Carving is my salvation.   It’s where I find my peace. Constantly exhausted from the events and tension that stuck our adopted home and caring for my infant daughter – I could carve and forget the blur of the day and focus. I would carve well into the early morning and still wake to feed my baby.

Three years and two toddlers later, they would mimic me and draw or paint with me as I was creating. They often start painting on paper and quickly spread their work onto the floors. We always had great fun finger painting under the tables.  

When Claire was about 5 years old, she began drawing her closest friends.   This is such a sweet age in so many ways…she had developed into a strong funny person, she had had likes, dislikes and wasn’t afraid to tell you. She expressed herself verbally and artistically. What see saw in her friends was so wonderfully skewed in her mind and translated into sweet aesthetics. Adorable.   Mimi Too is a mommy and me collaboration in sterling silver of children, animals and insects seen through the eyes of a 5 year old.

By 2008 we moved back to Hong Kong and I filed this collection away. In 2015 we moved to Vancouver and I rediscovered Mimi Too’s while unpacking. Like connecting to an old friend – I knew right away what I wanted to do. This is my way to give back. I’m blessed to have healthy children and to have lived in six very different and beautiful cities.

For every item sold in this collection a percentage will benefit the BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver – our new hometown.    

A special campaign for the BC Children’s Hospital will begin on October 1st 2016.   A percentage of the proceeds will go to the hospital and free shipping when using shipping code BCChildrensHospital.  

Bhutan/ Twenty Years in the Making

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img_7049There is a certain charm and adventure to traveling in a country that is so removed from what is normal and figuring out how to get around.

Many years ago in the mid 90s my then boyfriend – who is now my husband was invited by a friend working in Bhutan to visit him.   A restricted country, Bhutan is a small South Asian kingdom landlocked in eastern Himalaya. To my backpacking adventure seekingboyfriend this was an invitation of a lifetime. But I had just joined Tom Ford’s Gucci team in Hong Kong – time off would be impossible.  Disappointed that I wouldn’t join, he generously declined the invitation. Subsequently, I endured years of teasing about the adventure that could have been.

Over the years – life happened. We got married, moved to New York City, he went back to school, we had career changes, 911 happened, we had children and moved back to Hong Kong. Life has a way of sneaking by quickly.

Back in Hong Kong the idea of exotic travel crept up again. But with two young children in tow, traveling wasn’t as easy as pick up and go – or so I thought. By our fifth year in Hong Kong our kids were now seasoned back packers and we were ready for Bhutan.

Bhutan is a beautifully spiritual and rugged country. Buddhism plays a large role in every day life with temples and giant prayer wheels dotting the country side.   We cycled, hiked, water rafted and tried archery while touring three different regions of Bhutan.   The food is simple and the people were wonderful. Taking this trip with our kids made it worth the twenty years of waiting.

When it came to creating a new collection – Mantra came to me quickly. The raw allure of Bhutan has left an indelible impression of colours, prayer wheels, natural stones and daggers.   Mantra is a simple paired down collection of shapes, textures mixed with natural stones.

Value of a Penny

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For many years, pennies have been a part of my life. I remember walking to the corner shop to buy taffy candies Mojos – 2 for a penny. I had one from 1967 but somehow after keeping it for over 25 years the penny is lost.

In today’s economy, the penny holds little value…the Canadian Mint began to phase them out in 2012 with Amerians considering the same path as it costs about 1.7 cents to make one American penny.

To me the penny is more than a penny. When I hear the “penny” I’m taken back to when I lived in Hong Kong. While there aren’t any pennies in Hong Kong, Penny was a good friend. Two in fact friends. Penny Duke is a beautiful Taiwanese American fashion maven who introduced to me the cool fashion of Alexander Wang and Penny Sims is a strong minded Australian who could dance till the early morning hours.

Both women gorgeous and generously opened their hearts to me and my family when we moved to Hong Kong with two young children. They supported me with their friendships, humour and kindest. In my early days as a jewelry designer both Pennys loved the same cocktail ring – a brilliant cut semi precious stone 8 carats held together by a wide highly polished clean tension mount.

Penny Duke’s ring in Rose Quartz with a Rose Gold finish is soft and chic, while Penny Sim’s ring is Smoky quartz and Silver is strong and bold -perfect. Two very different women both drawn to the same ring. Today the ring is name after these women. The Penny Ring – elegant, contemporay, daring and adventuous. Every time I think or see someone with the Penny ring I think of the two Pennys.   I hope any one who has a Penny Ring fills it with friendships as I have.

Accessories Magazine

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Looking for geometric designs – Couldn’t be happier to be included in Accessories Magazine.

Debra Messing wearing Ona Chan Jewelry

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Every once in while we all get the blues. There are days and week and yes months when I feel that everything I do isn’t getting very far…and I have to say late August to mid September was my time.

But then woke up one day to find this Instagram. Debra Messing wearing my Lattice Collection – Tiger’s Eye Square ring and the Lattice Long Multi Drop Earrings.

How does she take such good Selfies…mine are always a disaster!

Woke up to find this Instagram -

Woke up to find this Instagram –

New York Teen Filmmaker Lukas Dong

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