Forget the Trends and Go With What You Feel…Love and Hearts

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Double Heart Ring Gold Plate with Sapphires on menu

Baby Ultrasound

Fifteen years ago I fell in love with an image…the wiry image of my son before he was born.

At my OBGYN in New York, an excited technician wanted to show me their new ultrasound machine which gave images of babies in 3D and 4D.  This was my second pregnancy and when I saw the tiny shape of my baby I instantly filled with love.  I didn’t feel this with my first pregnancy – maybe the mother/child love was too foreign to me to understand or more likely because the usual flat alien image was just that – flat.  But when I saw the 3D image – I was instantly in love.

So absorbed with love I could only express it through carving.  This was one of my first pieces and it took ages to perfect it…..secretly my husband was too afraid to tell me it didn’t look much more than a lump of wax.  After months to complete – he was totally shocked that I may have had some sort of talent.  The collection took many more years to complete marred with endless changes, sampling and sadly many orginals lost through unfortunate circumstances.

My son is now turning 16 and today he drives me crazy as I suppose all teen sons do…but every time I look down at my hand – I feel this complete love I can’t explain….I feel this complete love I can’t explain….I feel this complete love I can’t explain….luckily for me going with what you feel – ‘hearts’  is the rage again. .  Love Double Hearts Ring with White Sapphires 



Lattice Value Bracelets Giving a Helping Hand – DFS Vancouver

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Ona ChanLattice Corded Bracelet giving a helping hand.

We never really know how life will end up and sometimes we need a helping hand.

Watching the divorce of my older sister unfold has been an eye opening experience.  She has been beaten down by issues I didn’t think people thought of anymore.  As oppressive and sad as her situation may be – she has been able to rise above it and is finding her true self.

Not every woman understands her rights or have a support system to help them navigate.  My support for Dress For Success Vancouver comes from a place of personal experience.  Open your hearts and minds and support the many women who are often over looked.

Learn more about my jewelry collaboration with Dress for Success Vancouver.  Find your Value Bracelet  keep or to gift to someone you love.


My Great-Grandmother’s Jewelry is On Trend

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Natural stone accessories are sharing the runways in modern jewelry for 2018-2019 collections

Black and White Striped Agate with Lucky Horn and Charm on Beaded Chain Necklace

Black and White Striped Agate with Crystal Lucky Horn and Charm on Beaded Chain Necklace

Natural Stones have always held a special place in history and jewelry.  I first came across natural stones with my Chinese great grandmother.  She wore intricately carved jade bracelets, earrings and pendants.  A staple in many Chinese homes.

Viewing natural stones as old fashion and grandmotherly, I would never be caught wearing any natural stone anything – thinking it cheesy.   Later in life while living in Hong Kong and traveling around Asia I came to appreciate the beauty of natural stones as it grew quietly in my psyche.

One of the oldest stones used in recorded history and my favorite natural stones is the agate, known as a protection stone from nightmares, stress and fatigue.  Since biblical times, agates have been used in accessories such as tallisman amulets and cameos for rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Agates are also known to have alternative crystal healing properties – to quench thirst and protect from fevers.  Alternative healers will use the agate stone on the solar plexus to alleviate stomach illnesses.

Considered a stone of strength, the agate gives us the power to move forward and carry on through tough times.

Whatever the reason you choose to wear agates or any natural stone – Vogue Paris jewelry trend forcasts fall/winter 20189/19 finds natural stone accessories on the runways of modern jewelry.  My great grandmother is on trend.





Do Men really care? What does Bloomberg say?

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I never thought much about jewelry for men outside of cufflinks and money clips.  My husband who is a mamil loves his bike gear cufflinks but most days he has a simple card holder and not much else – especially with chipped credit cards he doesn’t even carry money.

Over the centuries men’s jewelry has changed as their clothing did – which in many cases was practical.  From cufflinks to hold up sleeves, tie pins to secure cravats to watches (Hemel – my new favourite!) as office work became mainstream.  With social media moving in light speed so does fashion tastes and acceptance.

While news of Fashion Week circulation around us, men too are looking for jewelry to accessorize.  Bracelets are one of those pieces that are staples in history. From prehistoric times of bones and shells to ward off evil spirits to modern men displaying power, status and luck.

Men’s fashion conventions have opened up to whatever they like.  While I work on my personalized bracelets, my musical teen son slyly slips on one – good to know he thinks I’m cool.  Bloomberg

The Party over at Instagram

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FullSizeRender 2Introducing the improved Instagram site

The go to place for new information, pieces and silly things about life in Vancouver!

Come and join me there to keep updated on special offers, matcha lattes and the occasion drink or two!

Would love to know what you think and your suggestions!

Vintage Vespa Fun

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I’m sitting in my kitchen and it’s been a long winter in Raincouver.  I just had a huge yelling match with my teen daughter as she left for school and just for the record – I hate being a mom to teens.  I’m feeling like the day looks – grey and old.

I turned to photos on my computer and what catches my eyes are images from a trip which seems light years away.

Nothing makes me laugh more than our trip in Ho Chi Minh by Vespa.  I look back and I instantly remember the sounds, the smells and the huge smile on my kids’ faces.

Luckily, we could tailor made this tour due to our arrival into the city.  We mashed together a ride of sites and food.  Our ride featured in Downtown magazine –  Vietnam on Vespas

For a quick moment I was transported back to what seems like the coolest ride ever….I miss my daughter and I miss Vietnam.  I’m not so mad anymore.




Mimi Too for BC Children’s Hospital

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I began carving just before I became pregnant with my daughter Claire. We were living in New York City just before 9/11.

Carving is my salvation.   It’s where I find my peace. Constantly exhausted from the events and tension that stuck our adopted home and caring for my infant daughter – I could carve and forget the blur of the day and focus. I would carve well into the early morning and still wake to feed my baby.

Three years and two toddlers later, they would mimic me and draw or paint with me as I was creating. They often start painting on paper and quickly spread their work onto the floors. We always had great fun finger painting under the tables.  

When Claire was about 5 years old, she began drawing her closest friends.   This is such a sweet age in so many ways…she had developed into a strong funny person, she had had likes, dislikes and wasn’t afraid to tell you. She expressed herself verbally and artistically. What see saw in her friends was so wonderfully skewed in her mind and translated into sweet aesthetics. Adorable.   Mimi Too is a mommy and me collaboration in sterling silver of children, animals and insects seen through the eyes of a 5 year old.

By 2008 we moved back to Hong Kong and I filed this collection away. In 2015 we moved to Vancouver and I rediscovered Mimi Too’s while unpacking. Like connecting to an old friend – I knew right away what I wanted to do. This is my way to give back. I’m blessed to have healthy children and to have lived in six very different and beautiful cities.

For every item sold in this collection a percentage will benefit the BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver – our new hometown.    

A special campaign for the BC Children’s Hospital will begin on October 1st 2016.   A percentage of the proceeds will go to the hospital and free shipping when using shipping code BCChildrensHospital.