Sri Lanka Christmas 2010

December 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

We started in Negombo and stayed only for the day but managed to have an early morning sail in a catamaran in the Indian Ocean after a eggs, bacon and fruit for breakfast.  The fruit here is divine.   Absolutely juicy and sweet.  I’m in papaya heaven.

The next day we drove to Dambulla and stayed at the Heritance Kandalama.  The architect was a local Sri Lankan Burgher (European descent to the Dutch East Indian Company – sounds complicated to me) gentleman named Geoffrey Bawa.  What he created was a breathtaking building that seemed like it was growing from the side of the jungle.  We were greeted by bats flying through the corridors chasing insects and greedy monkeys waiting to see who was silly enough to bring food into their rooms.   The rooms were warm and from our balcony the jungle dropped before us.

The food was fairly international with a Sinhalese corner.  Reid was definitely more courageous than me – I stuck to dishes which had onions, chilies, limes and coconut while Reid did taste the curries that looked sharp and pointy.  I thought only the Chinese ate lotus roots but discovered that the Singhalese ate a different type of lotus root that grew to about 2cm diameter.  Very beautiful, delicate and crunchy.  Great on salads.

We explored the Dambulla Cave Temples which were quite beautiful and serene.  The painted walls and reclining Buddhas were very calming.  The weather was rainy by the end of the day but the weather was warm.  The following day we hiked to the citadel in Sigiriya.  I was a bit weak in the knees hiking up.  Though we were using iron stairways and rails, the height was extraordinary and a views were spectacular.  At the top there were frescos of King Kassapa’s concubines – full-figured and bare-chested.  Sounds like most men I know – leaving records of their conquests.   The paintings were definitely worth the hike.

We later drove to Kandy and stopped by a Spice Garden which I thought was very informative.  The doctor who ran the Garden laid claim to being 12th generation of doctors to the king and they also had samples of producted they created….Ayurveda is the ancient medicines which are only developed in this small region of Sri Lanka due to the special climate which grows the necessary plants for the medicines.   It’s a holistic approach to health and yes, I bought some ointments to test out.  How can one say no to natural beauty and health.

Now in Kandy, we are staying at the Earls Regency and the kids are loving it.  The rain hasn’t stopped but the kids are having a great time watching fire walkers and local dancers.


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