Kandy Dec 2010

December 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

A wet day in Kandy.  Not cold just wet, but we managed to see the Botanical Gardens which surprisingly had a ton of bats which were pretty active.  These orange chested flying foxes hung from the tops of the trees and chirped away like birds.  We also so the world’s largest tree a one hundred year old Java fig tree….it was more wide than high and was quite majestic.  The roots snake around like a banyan tree and it’s mossy, decaying but continues to grow.  For a country that has limited resources the Botanical Garden is worth while to see.

After lunch which included freshly roasted cashew nuts we wandered to the Temple of the Tooth.  The tooth is said to be the remaining evidence of Buddha which allows the holder of the tooth the power of rule.  Wars have been fought over this tooth….and temples created to honour it.    The temple is quite beautiful with two museums to explain it the story of the tooth but while we were there the weather turned and the rain poured down from the heavens.   Overall, the day was relaxing with us ending our day at the Queen’s hotel which may have been the place to be in its time but truthfully it’s an old colonial building that had been neglected.


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