Tea Factory Christmas

December 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Christmas Eve was spent at the Tea Factory.  Dinner was very elaborate and delicious, however a seven course fixed grown up meal doesn’t alway suit a 7 year old boy.  Claire tried and loved her dinner but William struggled.  It was mostly visual.  In general he likes his food simple and not in sophisticated forms.   William loves crab and lobster but not in a terrine.  We were able to coax him to sandwich most of his food with rolls which makes me to believe William is a picnic man.

Santa visited the kids during the night and they woke to find their stocking filled with loot.  After breakfast it was a 2 hour hike to the village and through the tea fields.  We learned how to grow the tea, pruning, plucking and which part is harvested.  It take 5 kilo of tea make one kilo of tea.  The women work about 14 hours of backbreaking plucking and stooping for $6 USD.  Very humbling.   To learn more – we also got dressed and strapped baskets to our heads and started off to the field.  In the end we only managed to pluck 600 grams of tea.  The kids earned about 7 cents each.   It is an amazing process for the pleasure of others.


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