Ella and beyond

January 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

We took and old rickety train to Ella from the Tea Factory.  It was a three-hour train ride in the observation car which is first class but noisy as a coop full of chickens.  We were told we could buy food on the train but Singhalese English translated to our English meant there isn’t any food to buy.   As soon as the clan of 30 next to us broke out with their rice cookers, curries and snacks and I thought to myself “we are dead”…the kids will be going nuts with hunger so I scrambled to grab a few chocolate fingers and tea cakes on the platform before leaving.  Thankfully, the kids were too busy with their DSIs that they didn’t notice they didn’t have lunch but that also meant they didn’t see the magnificent view only found when traveling by rail.  It took 3 hours to get to Ella, which is really a two tuk tuk town.  Ella was damp and colder than expected.  We settled into the Ambiente which is a small 7 room Inn.  Not much to write about but a room and a damp bathroom which I struggled with.  You can hear a Buddhist temple chatting in the opposite mountain.  Food was fresh and the kids didn’t mind.  They enjoyed chasing the Inn’s dogs.  The night however was a bit too cold for me and I made Reid carry the kids into bed with me – for fear of them waking frozen.  In the morning they were still alive which was a bonus and you could see the jaw dropping view of the Ella Gap which made up for the evening.   This is why one goes to Ella.   Truly mystical.

From Ella, we drove to Tangalla – the beach.   Whew…I was growing a bit weary of the damp and cold and this was a welcomed change.   We stayed at a very nice very quaint hotel called Turtle Bay.  They don’t give directions because they want to keep it quiet, but this also meant we had problems finding the place.  We had to drive back and forth a bit but once we go there it was relaxing….no T.Vs but it had a pool and the beach which we spent most of the time riding waves and chasing crabs.   We also took side trips to see a blow hole and visited one more temple which were decent but really the kids just wanted to hang out at the beach.   We stayed for two nights and the kids liked the laziness of this stop.



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