Japanese Truck Stop

February 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

The ride to Habuka was a bit of a test.   We had to transfer 4 times which would have been okay but one transfer was only 6 minutes between trains.   Which really isn’t a problem except we would have wait one hour if we missed it.   Sometimes things go wrong and it’s just what happens and sometimes things go well which did happen to us….whew…an hour wait in the cold would not have been easy or pleasant with two kids.   In any case the ride was quite lovely.  The countryside is very beautiful and the mountains majestic.  There was a sweet elderly man who rode with us and told us about the countryside.  I can’t imagine to be over 60 years old and living in this type of snow.  The snow is some places is piled up 4 feet on roofs and sides of the houses.  Our trains began at 9:45am and we finished at 3pm.   There is some food on the trains, but just in case we were caught without food like in Sri Lanka we bought sandwich at Kyoto Station before boarding.

After arriving in Habuka, we were picked up and taken to the Habuka Hifumi http://www.hakubahifumi.jp/eigo/index.html.  A sweet little Japanese ryokan which has modern amenities.  We didnt’ have dinner there since there are plenty of choices.   We walked around, stopped at two pro shops, picked up extra gloves and found The Bamboo Cafe at the Habuka Station and had hot white chocolate and spicy hot chocolates which hit the spot.

Across the street we found a small restaurant which looked like across between a truck stop and the Japanese dinner.  The food was simple.  We had fried cutlets, fried dumplings, two bowl of ramen noodles and pork.  We couldn’t finish our food and the kids loved it.

A good start to our ski holiday.


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