Ski school and the mountains

February 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

The only thing which we didn’t like about our ryokan was their efficiency.  We were asked when we would come down for breakfast and what type of breakfast we wanted – Japanese or Western.  We chose Western which is one egg, potatoes, fruit, yogurt, more of the thick white toast, juice and coffee or tea – what we didn’t expect was that they would give us the wake up call at 7am and breakfast was already laid out for us at 7am.  Being lazy people on vacation, we couldn’t wake till 7:30am and they called again just in case we didn’t get our reminder that we had breakfast waiting.   Funny thing too, you can’t get mad at the Japanese…they are so darn nice.  Our kids aren’t too picky but picky enough that my son swears that Japanese rice is so different that he can’t eat it but he could ate their breakfast.

We were recommended to rent our skis at Spicy Rental – two blocks away.  it was easy, quite efficient and staffed by ski bums from different parts of the world.   It’s also where we were picked up by Evergreen Ski school   My kids are beginners and had a great time.  We only booked two morning of ski school and my kids were happy to go both days.

The weather was unbelievable.  I don’t remember having such beautiful weather when I ski.  The visibility was amazing and it was warm.  I’m not an avid skier but Reid learned to ski on Whister growing up and it’s where we’ve taken the kids in previous years but, it’s either raining at the top, windy, no snow and slushy….Habuka is perfect for our beginner children and great for my fair weather skiing.  Before noon, we were stripping away layers it was so warm.

The kids loved the ski school and we decided to take them up a bit further.  We were doing okay, but William hadn’t mastered turning.  He could turn by not quite a full turn and on one run he froze and could only manage snow plows which didn’t help him much and he kept gaining speed.  He couldn’t stop himself nor could he concentrate on turning.  As I watched him head towards the bottom and toward the cement pillars of the chair lift.  I started to panick and I could imagine in my head William slamming so hard and breaking his wee body.   I froze too…luckily Reid raced by him and tackled him to the side.  He was so angry Reid checked him.  They both lay on the ground with William hitting Reid and shouting at him.  Luckily for us, we made him go back again and try it a few more times to get over his fear.  By the second day the ski school took them to the top of the mountain and they skied the beginner slopes down.  Not bad for his first time.


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