Tokyo and Teppanyaki

February 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

We arrived into Tokyo in the afternoon.  Our hotel was convenient and not a ryokan.  We stayed in at the Conrad Hotel   A very modern hotel and more importantly easy to walk from.  Though I enjoyed staying at ryokans, it’s also nice to have a firm raised bed and bathtub.  Though we don’t often order room service, I love looking at the beautiful food photos.

That evening walked to Colza Steak and Seafood  A local restaurant in the Ginza since 1974 recommended by Vince.   These types of dinners can be a bit difficult for kids and William at times can be one of those kids.  They did like their dinner and the steak was buttery soft –  an unbelievably wonderful meal of steak and scallops.  It wasn’t the fancy show that one might get at with the pepper shaker and knives thrown about but definitely a great meal.  The main attraction for the kids was the dessert.  We had ordered a set meal with ice cream.   The chef brought out white block that looked like tofu and fried the ice cream on the cooking table with a splash of grand marnier which he lit on fire.  My kids were totally unaware of what was going on and it made the lighting that more spectacular.    The flames reached 3 feet and rush of the air and sound of the rush was according to my son “awesome”.

Next day we promised to go to Kiddy Land We walked out toward the subway on a typical Sunday and found ourselves in the middle of a group of Japanese men in red tights with blond wigs making a commercial.  In minutes, our kids got swept up in the rush of red and William is now being thrown up in the air by a group of crazed men –  which I would like to add isn’t so easy to do.    I can easily say the day started off on well.

I like walking around the Harajuku area and Kiddy Land is a staple for many visitors.   William as usually had a blast but Claire who is slowly outgrowing the toys decided to buy a wooden traditional doll for her collection of dolls from around this region.

For me the highlight was meeting with Charmine Koda.  She is the cousin of my American Mother in law.   She had become a very prominent female news journalist and environmental activist.   We met her for a coffee at the Conrad and found her to be delightful.  I felt a bit intimidated because she dressed so gracefully and I’m in my fleece with my hungry kids.  She is well spoken and had studied at Harvard.   A beautiful woman and elegantly poised.   I find her interesting because she had done some ground breaking work as a female journalist and as travelled extensively throughout the world.   Her work with the environment is her passion and continues to fight for the environment for the sake of us all.  She was also gracious to bring us some sweets for our flight back to Hong Kong which we devoured as soon as we found our gate at Narita Airport.   I would live very much to send her one of my pieces and hope that our paths will cross again in the future.


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