Look who we saw at the airport

August 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Okay, summer vacation is fun but I’m often traveling alone with my kids during the summer while we visit family and my husband Reid is back in Hong Kong working.   Sometimes I wonder who got the better deal.  Always in a mad dash – we fly to Vancouver, New York and Toronto which are all dynamic cities in three different ways but never the less it’s a mad rush.  We’ve been six weeks away from home and visiting relatives (whom we all love) but I’m sure they are tired of us and we are grumpy with them….as we make our final leg back to Hong Kong and land in Chek Lap Kok aka Hong Kong International Airport – I see Susur Lee.  I can’t say I’m a real foodie but I know who Susur Lee is.  He’s a Chinese Canadian celebrity chef who’s been lauded by food critics in both the States and Canada.  Stranger still, many years ago when I was still studying at Design at Ryerson in Toronto I had done an intern with a knit wear designer who shared a studio with a pair of women then called the “Bent Boys” and Brenda Bent was pregnant with her first son with Susur Lee…..in any case here is a quick snap of Susur Lee and my kids at Chek Lap Kok.   His persona is rock star/ninja.  There aren’t that many Asian guys out there as cool as Susur Lee.



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