I’ve never been so cold – Levi, Lapland

December 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

It’s quite uncharacteristic of me to suggest a trip which would requires work but I insisted on going to Levi, Lapland this year to have the Santa experience for my children first hand.  We are approximately 170 kilometres into the Arctic Circle and have never felt so cold.

We first flew into Helsinki, we stayed at Hotel Katajanokka/Best Western http://www.bwkatajanokka.fi/ which was a prison in it’s past life and we thought it was quite fun.  The kids were given a historical fact sheet to fill out and received a jailbird plush toy for their research.

While in Helsinki, I feverishly looked to buy a Finnish designed lamp to bring home.  We looked at Artek http://www.artek.fi/fi/index.html and various shops along the way to Stockmann https://stockmann.com/info/fi/Tavaratalot-HelsinginKeskusta and will look again for the Finnish Design Shop http://www.finnishdesignshop.com/ on our return trip back to Hong Kong.  We were out of luck on the lamp but found a quaint cafe called Cafe Succes http://www.spottedbylocals.com/helsinki/cafe-succes/ which my husband Reid insisted on finding to test out if indeed they had the best cinnamon bun in the city.

Now in Levi, we are staying at the Sokos Hotel in Levi and it’s a good family hotel http://www.sokoshotels.fi/en/hotels/levi/ and would recommend it – easy access and modern.  We find ourselves continuously commenting on the lack of daylight.  There is approximately 3 hours of daylight everyday and it’s strange to wake up in the dark.  It does brighten up by about 10am but by 3pm it’s dark again.  Suck a strange and wonderful place Lapland.   We taken snowmobile and a husky tours so far and every experience though very cold has been wonderful.   After our husky rides, some warm sausages and hot juice we stayed the night in an igloo.

http://www.leviniglut.fi.  We only managed to secure one night in the igloo but the kids loved it…they played in the snow and the igloos are in a secluded area with very few people.  The night was clear but unfortunately we didn’t see any northern lights.

Tours can be arranged through the Levi tourist office: http://www.levi.fi/.

We often go to Whistler since Reid is from Vancouver and though I’ve felt cold there I wasn’t prepared on how cold it is here.   The record low is -51 C…it’s so common for them to talk in negative terms that they just leave out the ” – ” in conversation.  Luckily the kids are fine and we have “hotshots” for our hands but I do feel the cold creeping into my feet and am a bit reluctant to go out of doors.   Reid who has experience in snow camping in such has been great and let me stay warm and toasty while he takes the kids out in the dark to toboggan.


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