Warm weather and missiles and souvenirs

January 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

On the 26th we finally got weather hovering around 0C.  It’s incredible how warm that feel when you have spent the last 9 days at around -25C.

Though our hotel is good, breakfast out was more fun and we finally found one nearby which we love: Schaste Bar and Restaurant http://schastye.com/.  Schaste means happiness and we were very happy to eat here for breakfast.  I don’t consider myself a foodie but the food was delicious, the service friendly and atmosphere charming.  Best of all they had these crazy 500 + connect the dot games to entertain the kids while the food came…who could ask for more.

This would be our last day here and we had to finish the Artillery Museum http://www.saint-petersburg.com/museums/artillery-museum.asp.  Now that we were experts in the Metro we didn’t think twice about using it again.  Taxis seem to be on the expensive side and the metro was very convenient.

The Artillery Museum is quite an impressive building surrounded by a moat with missiles and cannons out on display in the front of the entrance.  William was in heaven.  He was excited and couldn’t wait to start.  Our only comment about the museums so far that the kids would have liked some hands on exhibitions.  They made this comment often and for them the experience would have enriched their learning experience.   The Artillery Museum was very much hands off and on top of that…no English.  Not that English had to be on every display but to understand and appreciate the history and the technical information English would have been better for us.

This would be our last museum and after shopping for souvenirs we decided to have an early dinner at Levin http://www.levins.me/, a quaint Bistro which our kids could not get enough of.  They both had Pelmeni which they compared to Shanghainese dumplings with sour cream and were very satisfied.  I had a generous portion of salmon and Reid the Beef Stroganoff.

After dinner it was off to the circus http://www.circus.spb.ru/ru/, which is a very traditional one with children working with their parents, lions, horses, dogs and trapeze artists etc.   The kids loved the circus.  It was definitely fun but I can’t imagine how many safety violations this circus would have broken if it was in the States.   A couple of times I wondered about our personal safety but in my mind even had an emergency exit plan worked out in my head just in case the horsed decided to stampede.   Overall, we had a great time, no body got injured or died and with the weather warming up we walked back to the Rocco Forte at night and the city really is gorgeous during the holiday season.

IMG_1202IMG_1203IMG_1204DSC_3608 DSC_3609 DSC_3611 DSC_3624 DSC_3635 DSC_3673 DSC_3674 DSC_3681 DSC_3684


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