Longines Hong Kong Masters

March 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

Longines Hong Kong Masters was an international Show Jumping Event held from February 28th to March 2nd at Asia World Expo by the Airport.   With all our girls so horse crazy we decided to take them to their first professional show.  I personally was worried that it would be a bit dry but the jumping kept me captivated throughout the entire show.   I was amazed at the grace and beauty the horses have and the strength and adrenaline that builds as the riders approach each jump.   The jumps were a  minimum of 1.60m and accomplished riders from all over the world came to attend this event.

We are such amateurs, we didn’t realize how gorgeous this event was going to be.  We rushed around IFC eating there worried the kids wouldn’t get dinner and when we arrived champagne was flowing and fine dining was everywhere.  A small shopping village was created for the event.  I never realized how much is available for horse community.  Everything from crocodile riding boots, python chaps to crystal embellished helmets.

What amazes me more is the logistics of arranging the horses to Hong Kong and preparing the venue.  It was definitely a spectacular event we will visit again next year.

The event winner was Patrice Delaveau on his nine-year-old gelding Lacrimoso 3.

photo[15] photo[12]photo[11]photo[13]photo[14]


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