Galle Fort…forward to Columbo

Our next drive was a 3 1/2 hour drive to Galle which was a bit long for us.  The roads are very narrow and traveling 200 kilometers can take hours depending on how the traffic moves.   Every drive seemed to stretch out a bit longer than we had expected.   We had lunch at the Galle Fort Hotel which is beautifully restored and has the most vivid painting by artist Sanjeewa Kumara  We later walked along the walls of the fort before heading off to Colombo.

Driving to Colombo got the most of me.   The kids were good but I have to say by the time we finally got to Colombo I was spent.  I was tired and dirty with dust and wanted a nice hotel tub to soak my body in.  We stayed at the Galle Face Hotel which is one of the better hotels but one needs to note that its half renovated.  One side is not quite the Sofitel Hanoi standard but strives to be and the other isn’t.  We didn’t know this and got the side that wasn’t.  I was clearly not happy.   Reid describes it as classic and yes one might say that it was classic but I won’t.  I was so grouchy and I think Reid was scared I might go find another hotel but in the end, getting room service was its saving grace.  The curries at the Galle Face Hotel are mouth-watering in flavour and heat.  I washed it down with a sweet Lassie and I was done for the night.

We spent the next day at the National Museum and just cruising along the Face.  We people watched and ate chili mangos and pineapples along the way.  This is how we ended our trip, hanging out with my crazy family.

The return flight was not the easiest to say the least – no direct flights to Hong Kong and those going to Bangkok or Singapore were after midnight.  Our flight to Bangkok was at 2am and in the end it was delayed till 4am.   The kids were exhausted – luckily, we flew business class (which I highly recommend with kids on this trip) allowed us the lounge use where we found sound couches to lay across till our flight.  The lounge was decent but they didn’t announce our flight and when we looked up no one was there and we noticed  on the board at it was last call.  Ah %$#FF!  We dashed to the gate with our half a sleep kids in tow.  I have never seen William run so fast.

We had a great time overall.  Such a beautiful place with lovely people and wonderful food.  I highly recommend this trip.  Everyone including our picky son William, loved the curries, sambols, hoppers and the fresh fruits.   There is a lot of natural beauty in Sri Lanka.  The weather by the beach was glorious about 28 C, towards the mountains and hill country it was quite cool and damp to about 15 C at night.  Quite a range of weather if one decides to travel about.   We have friends – the Symonds who have bought property in Tangalle and Claire our 9-year-old wants to go back and camp out on their beach.  This would be a lot of fun especially now that there will be an international airport going up in that area in 2012 (if I’ve remembered correctly).   But there was were wild Peacocks on their property which might like us sharing their space.



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